Grade 7 students unlock their future at St. Thomas Aquinas

Student unlocks combination lock.jpgIncoDanika and Ali.jpgSaint serve ice cream.jpgming Grade 7 students and their families had a fun evening exploring St. Thomas Aquinas High School and testing out their combination locks last night. The school held Unlock Your Future, a fun open house to help the young students get acquainted with the building. 

"The goal was to make students feel more comfortable in the school. It gives them a chance to come in, see the different classrooms, meet some of the staff and get excited about starting next Wednesday," said organizer of the event and teacher Katie Jackson. "We want them to feel right from the very beginning, that they are joining our family here at TA."

Each child was given their own combination lock which they could practice using. Grade 7 student Ali Phillips said she enjoyed the scavenger hunt the most. 

"You go to each class and someone signs your paper. It was nice because you got to meet the teachers," said Phillips. 

Danika Wojtowicz also attended the open house and she spoke about why she thought it was a good idea. 

"I think it's fun and it's cool that we get to do this before school starts. My favourite part was doing the scavenger hunt and looking at all the classrooms," said Wojtowicz.

The evening was capped off with an ice cream sundae station where the students and their families could pick their ice cream and the toppings. Overall, it was a busy night in the St. Thomas Aquinas foyer, with dozens of students unlocking their future.