Kindergarten Students Have a Blast Trying Out Track and Field

KindertrackKindergarten Kindertrackstudents froKindertrackm Pope John Paul II School, St. Louis School and École Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys raced around the field beside St. Thomas Aquinas on Thursday for their first ever track meet. The children had a blast competing in various track and field events throughout the morning.

"This was our first, maybe annual, Kindertrack event," said organizer and kindergarten teacher, Darren Benson. "Over the years I've seen the Grade 4, 5 and 6 students do track and field and when I got put in Kindergarten I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cute if the Kindergarteners got to compete.'"

Benson said a co-worker suggested they involve all three schools in the event. After roughly a month of planning dozens of kindergarteners took part in the track meet.

"We changed some of the events from 60m to 16m, the high jump became the low jump, instead of a javelin we used a pool noodle and the 800m became the 80m," said Benson.

St. Louis Kindergarten student, London said she had a great time, "I really raced hard. I think my favourite race was the Frisbee. We had to throw the Frisbee as far as we could."

Benson said the experience was a great way to encourage active living for the children, while also fostering a sense of community between the three schools.