St. Louis School Raises $3,500 for Heart and Stroke Foundation

St. Louis School Jump Rope for HeartSt. Louis School celebrated this past FridSt. Louis School Jump Rope for Heartay after they far surpassed their fundraising goal for Jump Rope for Heart. While they aimed to raise $500 for the initiative, the school was able to donate over $3,500 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

"I'm proud of the hard work that every St. Louis student, parent, family member or community partner has shown our school over the last few days and continues to show down the road," said teacher and organizer of the event, Patrick Oberle.

As part of the fundraising efforts, Oberle said he would let three students throw a pie in his face if they raised more than $500 as a school community. The school surpassed that amount seven times in under two weeks, and as a result, Oberle agreed to have 10 students throw pies at him, and two more to shave his beard.

The celebrations and pie-throwing took place on Friday. Lots of laughs and chanting could be heard throughout the afternoon.

"The two students started to shave my beard, and after that the excitement just grew," said Oberle. "Student voices could be heard down the street, but I'm sure some staff members and parents were just as excited to watch."

Oberle's Grade 4/5 class were also the winners of their very own pizza party on Friday for being the top classroom that raised the most at more than $1,600.

"I had some students in my class raise over $200 on the first night. That's incredible, and it speaks volumes of the pride and generosity that this school and community continue to put forth to help one another. I always tell the kids that we're one big family here, and today it truly has been evident," concluded Oberle.