Student Trustee Rite of Commissioning Guided by Renewing the Promise

(September 18, 2018) Student Trustees.PNGAs part of the Rite of Commissioning ceremony, new Student Trustees, Dominique Novelli and Clareynze Ceria were led through the Renewing the Promise – A Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education.  Mariette Martineau, Religious Education and Family Life Coordinator invited the students to Student Trustees hold candlesshare their views and insights on a journey through the document and offer opportunities on how their Catholic education experience can improve. Martineau guided the students through a series of questions:

Mariette Martineau:  What do you wish your Catholic school experience could include?

Dominque Novelli:  The Catholic School System isn't just a part of your education it also becomes part of who you are. I would say that we tend to focus a lot of the students who are having a successful journey and not everyone has a successful journey to start off with. I think that the people who are struggling with their journey are people who are having a hard time starting off their journey and they need an extra little boost and confidence booster to help them with their journey.

Mariette Martineau: These two students did not find it easy – but I told them it's a safe place. We are called to be a community that builds relationship; relationships with all of our education partners, parish, home and school and ultimately the most core of relationships we hope to arrive at is with Jesus himself. How do you feel or think your Catholic School Experience has helped you have a deeper relationship with Jesus?

Clareynze Ceria – I think my Catholic School Experience has helped me to have a deeper relationship with Jesus.  In our school we set time to pray daily before we start the day. We also celebrate mass at least once per month, we read the bible in religion class and perform acts of kindness. These are a few of the experiences I experience in our catholic school that help me to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. Doing a prayer at the start of the day is one of my favorite practices that we do on a daily basis at school. I think it's really good to start the day right by praying.

Mariette Martineau: Clareynze, if you could offer advice to the Catholic school what do you wish we would do differently? 

Clareynze Ceria: I wish that more students in my school would take the mass and praying seriously and put value and importance to it as much as I do.

Mariette Martineau: As we are called to be a community that encourages engagement and instills hope, how do you feel/think your Catholic school experience has helped you to better serve the world? 

Dominique Novelli: The Catholic school has helped me learn more about my faith, so that helps me better serve the world, listening to all the readings, teachings and going to mass and prayer services and listening to teachers in religion class, helps me always to be thinking positive and be a kind person and helps me serve the world and be a better person.

Mariette Martineau:  How can we improve in this area? 

Dominique Novelli:  I feel like I could better answer this question after high school because I haven't experienced much of the world yet.  Most of the students graduating from our school are really good people and tend to follow those Catholic practices that we reflect in the school.

Mariette Martineau: We are called to be a community that forms joyful disciplines.  Joy has been a focus for our board and placing our hope and trust in God simply equals joy.   Clareynze how has your Catholic School Experience been one of joy?

Clareynze Ceria: I have been in Catholic school since I started school.  Being in a Catholic school has always been a joy. It is where I get to know more about myself, make great friends and a place where I have found my passion.

Mariette Martineau: What do you wish we could do to nurture more joy?

Clareynze Ceria: I believe in nurturing the joy of learning so every student can discover their interests, grow their passions and love what they are doing. School shouldn't just be about doing well on tests and exams but also be an exciting place to acquire knowledge and skills, where learning is fun. I wish there would be more applied learning or hands on learning or outdoor activities for more secondary school students so they can apply their learning to real work scenarios.  

Following the Renewing the Promise reflection, both students received their Rite of Commissioning and were sworn in as the Student Trustees for the 2018 – 2019 School Year.