Year End Service Awards and Retirement Celebration for 2017 - 2018

Fish Award Recipients Sat and JordanAt the end of each school year, Kenora Catholic hosts a Year End Service Awards and Retirement Celebration.  This event focuses on celebrating retirees, the recipients of service awards and employees who have made extraordinary contributions to student achievement through exemplary service and leadership.

The Kenora Catholic District School Board appreciates and values the efforts of its employees toward the achievement of the Board's strategic priorities and wishes to acknowledge and celebrate extraordinary contributions of employees.

On May 29th Kenora Catholic hosted its Year End Service Awards and Retirement Celebration at the Clarion Lakeside Inn.  

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated leadership skills by taking on initiatives, programs or events that have led to significant improvement for Kenora Catholic and brought benefit directly or indirectly to students.  The board typically awards two recipients with a Leadership Award.  One for a Support Staff and one for a Teaching Staff.  One of the criteria is that the recipient has to have been employed with the board for five years or more. 

Shawna Lamme, St. John SchoolTeaching
Sue Devlin, Catholic Education CenterSupport Staff

Excellence in Catholic Education Award

The Excellence in Catholic Education Award is awarded to individuals who really make a difference for students and everyone around them.  These individuals work above and beyond their regular role and duties consistently and their work leads to significant improvement for the system and brings benefit directly or indirectly to students. 
Katie McNaulty, St. Thomas Aquinas High SchoolTeaching
Carrie Koch, École Ste-Marguerite BourgeoysSupport Staff

FISH Award

FISH Awards are a fun, Kenora Catholic tradition.  These awards are presented to individuals who demonstrate the 'FISH Philosophy' while contributing to our School System.  The FISH Philosophy is a life-long learning approach that inspires us to feel alive and engaged in the work we do.  There are four simple but powerful practices that are the foundation of the FISH Philosophy:

Be There * Play * Make Their Day * Choose Your Attitude

Read the FISH Award Recipient Write-ups Here

Congratulations to the 2017 FISH Award Recipients:

Tiffany PencoffMark FavreauAimee Favreau
Kirsten DexterLaurel DufresneNathan Michaluk
Jennifer CameronSat GurramJordan Mejia
Jared RalkoCraig DebboTammy Bush
Eric HartyKrista CoombesBrigitte Temple
Kelly SpendlowShawna LammeJoanne Wolke
Greg Moir

Service Award Recipients:

10 Years15 Years20 Years25 Years
Kristin BowlinNancy StahlsKerri FavreauTrish Gate
Allana JourdainMichelle PhillipowMaureen FrankcomMaria Froese
Anna Mesto-DrystekClaire SedeskyTammy Maffey
Erin HercunRobin Shouldice
Sommer KennedyTamara Bond
Jordan DunfordLeanne Chisholm
Matt TempleAngela Holmstrom
Ashley ShouldiceHilary Aitken
Lena AlexanderGeorge Brunton
Trina HenleyCindy Melenchenko
Darcy Ura
Katie McNaulty
Laurin Hummelbrunner
Carol Marchand
Teresa Gallik
Heather Riddell



Thank you to each of our 2017/18 retirees for their dedicated service to the Kenora Catholic District School Board.  May God bless you with joy, abundance and adventurees in your retirement years.

Jacqueline LacroixHeather RogersChris MoorleyWill Ronnebeck
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Director's Award RecipientsThank you Chris Moorley for your 31 years of dedicated Service. Congratulations on your retirement. 
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10 Year Service Award Recipients15 Year Service Award Recipients
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20 Year Service Award RecipientsFISH Philosophy Award Recipients