KCDSB Schools Committed to Respecting Water

KCDSB Schools Committed to Respecting Water
Posted on 10/13/2020
Student Reads at Prayer ServiceStudent reads at prayer service

Kenora Catholic Schools incorporated a commitment to respecting water into their Thanksgiving prayer services. The commitment has been made in solidarity with Treaty #3, with respect to their sacred Nibi Declaration.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School Student Kendaaz White spoke about their commitment during the school’s prayer service.

“In 2019 Treaty #3 put forward a water declaration calling us all to participate together to respect nibi, or water, as its own spirit and challenges us to all walk together to respect it,” he said.

Kendaaz also read from the Nibi Declaration.

“We need nibi to live a good life. All beings, including Anishinaabe, are born of nibi. We depend on nibi to live, and our bodies are made of it. nibi is the source of our wellbeing. It nourishes us spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and provides cleaning and healing. Clean nibi for drinking is important to our health. We must respect our sacred relationship with nibi and all beings in creation to help protect nibi for our children and all future generations,” he read.

The Nibi Declaration is a way for Treaty #3 to explain the Anishinaabe relationship to water. The Declaration is a reflection of the sacred teachings of water held by Treaty #3 knowledge keepers/Gitiizii m-inaanik to be shared with communities and those outside of the Treaty #3 Nation. It speaks to the sacred relationship and responsibilities that the Anishinaabe have to water, water beings and the lakes and rivers around them.

Commitments made by the schools communities include using only the water you need, to have a grateful heart for the gift of water, to take care of the earth and not pollute our waters, to help those without water get access to it.

Virtual school students committed to respect water

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