Kenora Catholic Announces Leadership Changes

Kenora April 17, 2018 - At the April 17th Board Meeting Phyllis Eikre, Director of Education announced three leadership changes in preparation for the 2018/2019 school year.

Michelle Sawa, Principal at St. Thomas Aquinas High School has secured the Assistant to the Director position. Victoria Swejda, Principal at Pope John Paul II School, will be moving into the Principal position at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Tammy Bush, Vice Principal at Pope John Paul II School will assume the Principal position at Pope John Paul II School. The leadership changes will be effective, September 2018, at the start of the new school year.

"These changes demonstrate Kenora Catholic’s commitment in developing leaders within our system," says Phyllis Eikre. "Today’s organizational announcement positions leaders where they can make the most impact on student achievement. Each of the leaders named today is deeply passionate and committed to supporting students in reaching academic success and well-being. They are committed to building partnerships in the community and creating innovative opportunities for staff to thrive in their schools. They are highly capable, demonstrated Catholic leaders who understand our clear mandate of excellence in Catholic education."

revised - KCDSB_Admin_03469_Sawa.jpgMichelle Sawa: "It is an honour serve the Kenora Catholic District School Board as Assistant to the Director. I am grateful to be part of a school system that has allowed me to grow as a leader through their ongoing support, forward thinking and untiring dedication to excellence in Catholic education. As a Catholic educational leader, I am committed to supporting faith formation, collaboration, well-being and achievement for all students and staff. I will continue to build relationships within and beyond our school system so that together we are all motivated and empowered to reach our full potential."
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Victoria Swejda: "My Kenora Catholic District School Board colleagues are caring,

competent and compassionate in their servitude roles which motivates me to embrace varied opportunities to collaborate with them, both in the elementary and secondary

panels, as an administrator. The students remain my primary motivator and, as a result of my incredible experience at the vibrant Pope John Paul II School, I am energized to return to St. Thomas Aquinas to continue to support and nurture the excellence in academics, arts, athletics and affective growth that is well established from Kindergarten to graduation."

revised  KCDSB_Admin_03421_Bush.jpgTammy Bush: "I feel truly blessed to have been welcomed this year by an incredibly committed, hardworking and dedicated staff who are passionate about the children and the families who make up the school community. I am honoured to serve Pope John Paul II School as the Principal. Together, we will continue to grow and nurture our school community."

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