Pope John Paul II School's Teagan Tom Places First in the Annual Media Literacy Competition

Teagan TomKenora, May 11, 2018 - The results are in for the Annual Kenora Area Media Literacy Competition.  Teagan Tom, Grade 6 student from Pope John Paul II School brought back the first place trophy for her speech about seal hunting.

Teagan was a little nervous about the competition and surprised she placed first.  "I thought I'd make at least the top three.  I was surprised that I placed first and got a medal."

Teagan chose to do her speech about seal hunting after talking with her family.  "I chose to do my speech on seal hunting because it's an interesting topic and my sister did her speech on seal hunting when she was in Grade 6.  What people need to know about seal hunting is that when seals are killed commercially, they only take the skin and 90% of the meat is either thrown overboard or left to rot on the ice.  But with personal seal hunting, the Inuit people use the whole seal.  They use the skin for hats and boots, they eat the meat and they use the bones for tools or utensils.  It's really sad to think about baby seals being killed to make people's fur coats."

The second place winner was Leah Derouard from Valleyview school who did a speech on plastics and third place winner was Drew Hintz from École Ste-Marguerite Bourgeoys who did a speech on depression. 

The competition was held today, at King George IV where seven finalists from across Kenora shared their speeches.