Put Down Your Razors and Shave the Date!

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resized - Movember - Finish Line.jpgDirector Derek Haime and his team of mo-bros put down their razors at the beginning of the month for Movember. Besides growing a batch of stache-tastic mustaches, the group raised $1,453 for men's health research and awareness.

Haime talks about why the initiative was important.

"We all have a father, grandfather, uncle, or brother, but as educators, we are concerned about our youth. Our boys need to look to our example as we take care of our health so they will take care of their health and take their health seriously. Beyond our efforts, Movember is meant to be a lot of fun, but it's also very serious because men's health issues are serious. The fact that we raised almost $1,500 is incredible, and we are proud of everyone that supported this initiative."

Director Haime has plans for God's gift to his upper lip. "My wife will be glad when my trucker-stash is gone. My Movember moustache will be morphing into a Decembeard soon."

On Friday, November 29, at 11:30 AM, St. Thomas Aquinas High School will honour The Big Moustache on Campus with a celebration. Male teachers that signed up are going to be competing for the title of the Big Moustache on Campus. The students will cheer to vote, and the winner will be awarded the title, along with the best trophy in the history of moustache competitions, they will also have bragging rights for the year. The loser will have their moustaches shaved off by members of the student council.  

From 30 moustaches to 5 million, the Movember movement has grown into a global one since it began in 2003. Learn more about Movember https://ca.movember.com/?home.