Students Share a Spring Garden Prom with Elderly at Nursing Home

Student talking with Elderly ResidentWho doesn't like an evening of dancing and merriment?  Students Student visiting with Elderly Residentweren't the only ones having fun this prom season.  Elderly residents from the neighbourhood nursing home got to have fun too, showing that it's never too late to relive your youth.

For the second year in a row, Grade 9 – 12 students from St. Thomas Aquinas High School brought a prom to the residents at Pinecrest District Home for the Aged.   Residents and high school students dressed up and celebrated in the theme of 'A Secret Garden,' in the colours of pink, grey and white.

Students organized the event with Theresa Wilson, Recreation Therapy Lead from Pinecrest as well as family members of the residents.

"It's really nice because the elderly get to enjoy the night with us," says Jillian Turcotte, Grade 12 student.  "We all get dressed up in our fancy gowns, get our hair and makeup done and take pictures with our dates on the Kenora Harbourfront.  The residents can't come to the harbourfront so we come to them.  We are serving pizza and having a dance."

At the celebration, students and residents got to take fun pictures with props in an old Hollywood themed photo booth, and have a dance.  After visiting with the residents the students continuing with their own prom at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.   The residents continued their party with cocktails and games.

Grade 11 student, Parker Stevenson talks about the event.  "The experience has been great.  The people are friendly and it feels really nice to connect to community.  My favorite part has been talking with the residents and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces."

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