Lent 2021

Lent 2021 - Nurturing Hope: Reconciling with the Land and Each Other
Posted on 02/16/2021
Lent 2021 - Nurturing Hope: Reconciling with the Land and Each Other.Lent Banner

Lent 2021 - Nurturing Hope: Reconciling with the Land and Each Other.

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 February 17
 Ash Wednesday
 Ash Wednesday Prayer 

Each time we go into Lent, which is a time of learning and trying harder to be our best, we are invited to do three big things to help us get closer to God. 

PRAYER: we are invited to spend more time in prayer with God. Basically, God is saying to us, hey, you are my best friends, come spend time with me! We know how hard it is to take care of the earth, so for our prayer this Lent we want to keep praying for the needs of Mother Earth, our common home. How can we remember to do that each day? 

ALMSGIVING: we are invited to take care of people in need. We can take care of both the earth and people in need if we stop buying stuff and give what we have to others. Maybe there is something that we as a family could do to help people in need. It could be as simple as bringing in change to buy some mitts for a homeless person, or bringing in cans of food, or going through our clothing and what we do not wear anymore to “pay it forward” to help others. 

FASTING: often in Lent we fast from things that really only involve us, like giving up candy or watching TV. This year we are being challenged to fast from things we do that hurt the earth. We can fast from things like having long showers, not recycling, reducing overall our carbon foot print. Here are some ideas!

 Feb. 22-26  Prayer

 The environmental challenge this week is to examine our use of paper. How could we be more responsible with it? For example, do we try to use both sides of each sheet? Do we remember to recycle all our paper products? Have we signed up for ebills and ebank statements so we save paper that way? Are we creative in “repurposing” cards?Let’s be paper conservative! Even though it is a renewable product, it takes a lot of fuel to make! Here is a simple way to have some paper making fun. 

 March 1-5  Prayer  Get outside!Have some fun with water outside! Spray bottles with coloured water to decorate the snow? Go outside and blow bubbles and watch them freeze! Power and beauty of water! Fill a clear jar with snow and have everyone guess how much water it will create (mark the side of the jars with the guesses) when it melts. What gives us more water, rain or snow? 

Do a water footprint activity – how much water do you use? What changes could your household make to leave less of a footprint?

 March 8-12
 March 22-26
 March 29 - April 1
 April 6
 April 22
 May 3-7   
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