Recess/Lunch and Inclement Weather Guideline

Children need an opportunity to get exercise and free playtime outdoors. Recess provides an important break for students where physical activity and socialization refresh them and help them to be more successful in the learning activities that follow a break. However, inclement weather conditions sometimes warrant that indoor recesses and lunch periods be necessary for safety.

The following process provides guidelines pertaining to the administration of recess and lunch hours during severe weather conditions:



-26 degrees Celsius and warmer

Students will have regularly scheduled recesses and outdoor classes

-27 to -30 degrees Celsius

Students may be outside for a maximum of 15 minutes

-31 degrees Celsius and colder

Students will remain indoors

Please note:  Temperatures are calculated with the wind chill. 

Student and staff safety and well-being are incredibly important. Principals will make sound decisions based on weather statements and health and safety protocols to keep students safe during times of inclement weather.  

The decision to keep students in during recess/lunch hour is made by the principal or designate of each school.

Parents are responsible for sending students to school with appropriate outdoor clothing, and to contact the school if support or assistance is required. 
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