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If your child will be four years old by December 31, 2024, we warmly invite you to register for Kindergarten at the Kenora Catholic District School Board this fall. We know you might have questions, and we're ready to offer the answers! Below, you'll find the top questions we get every year from parents like you.
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Do we need to be Catholic to enroll our child at KCDSB?

At the Kenora Catholic District School Board (KCDSB), we warmly welcome all students whatever your religion, faith, spirituality or culture. Your family doesn't need to be Catholic to register at the KCDSB. At the heart of Catholicity is inclusivity and a deep respect for each person's spiritual journey. Faith guides our mission, enriching our educational environment.

Do we need to speak French at home to register our child for French Immersion?

In our French Immersion Kindergarten program at École Ste-Marguerite Bourgeoys, children learn both English and French through fun activities like storytelling, singing, talking and reading, guided by our caring educators. Your family doesn't need to speak French at home for your child to flourish in French Immersion. They'll be excited to share their new language skills with you that they learn at school. 

What is a typical day in Kindergarten?

A typical day for Kindergarten students is structured to provide a balanced and engaging learning experience. The morning begins with school-wide announcements, including activities like O Canada and morning prayer. Following this, students engage in a combination of guided learning and child-led play-based learning activities. Later in the morning, there is an outdoor recess, allowing students to enjoy some fresh air and playtime.

Afterward, the day continues with lunch, more play-based learning activities, and quiet periods where children can rest if needed. It's important to note that while there is a general schedule, the specific timing of activities can be flexible to accommodate the daily needs and interests of the class. The schedule aims to provide a nurturing and well-rounded educational environment for Kindergarten students.

What is the instructional approach in Kindergarten?

In our Kindergarten program, we primarily focus on a child-led, play-based learning approach. This method involves educators fostering students' knowledge and understanding by building upon their natural curiosity and interests. These activities are designed to not only promote play but also develop their literacy and numeracy skills in an authentic way. Educators closely observe students at "work" and guide them with thought-provoking questions that encourage further exploration and deeper learning.

What is the class size for Kindergarten?

At KCDSB we always strive to have smaller class sizes. On average a Kindergarten class typically consists of around 26 students. However, it's important to note that this number can vary from one school to another based on the number of children registered at each school. Our focus is on providing a quality educational experience for each child. 

Can we access childcare before/after school? How do I register?

Before/aftercare, is available in our elementary schools through our licensed child care partners. The programs are based on the needs of the families and the viability of running the program. Please watch for our Child Care Survey in the spring. For more information please visit the Child Care section on our website.

Do we need to register for the school bus service? How can we find out if we're eligible for transportation?

Yes, you will need to register for school bus transportation from the Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium (NWOSSC).

Whether your child qualifies for transportation depends on their grade level and the distance from their home to the school. For more information on eligibility and to see if your child is eligible for transportation, please visit the NWOSSC website.

September is a long time way away. Why is it important to register for Kindergarten now?

At the Kenora Catholic District School Board, early registration is key for us to prepare effectively for the new school year. By registering your child now, it allows us to organize our staffing needs, including teachers and support staff, and assign classroom spaces. This preparation helps us ensure everything is in place for the beginning of the school year.

Early registration also supports a smoother transition for families. It gives both parents and children the chance to discuss and imagine what the upcoming school experience will be like, approaching the start of school with anticipation and excitement.

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