Online Safety Tips for Parents

We know it can be difficult to understand everything children are accessing these days online. Like never before, our kids are consuming and creating content in our digital world.

At Kenora Catholic, we believe every student should be an engaged 21st century learner which means having the ability to contribute and collaborate in an online community in a respectful and positive way. Connected to the media literacy and health curriculum, students take part in a variety of independent and collaborative tasks that teach important concepts such as internet safety, personal/private information, phishing, digital etiquette, screen time limits and the impact that their digital footprint can have on their identity and those of others.

Our IT Team at the Board Office also ensures that students using our devices or Wifi cannot access websites that are safety risks or contain inappropriate content. They work hard to update these restrictions to reflect the ever-changing digital world. This added protection is tailored to meet the needs of each school.

Privacy Policies

One of the things you can do as a parent is take a look at an websites Privacy Policies. Privacy Policies outline the privacy terms and conditions of a particular site. However, many privacy policies are vague, misleading or non-existent.

When you read a Privacy Policy, you want to know:
- What information from young visitors is being collected or tracked, and how thisinformation will be used.
- How parents can change or delete any data that has been collected about their children.
- What steps are being taken to safeguard children while they participate in chat rooms, message boards and email activities on the site.
- Whether it adheres to the industry guidelines for selling to, and collecting data from, children on the Internet.
- What methods are used to ensure that verifiable, parental consent is obtained before a child releases any personal information online.
- How you can contact and/or find out more about the company hosting the website.

Social Media and Gaming Cheat Sheets

Below please find a few helpful posters created by National Safety Online that help explain some of the more popular social media sites and games and what risks are associated with them. Feel free to browse the images and click on them to enlarge the picture. 
Snapchat Poster

YouTube Poster

Instagram Poster

Online Challenges Poster

Facebook Poster

Minecraft poster
Reddit Poster

Facebook Messenger

Fortnite Poster
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