Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication
What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security technology used to prove your identity when logging into digital accounts. You may be using MFA methods already in your personal life, such as entering a code that you receive by text or telephone when logging into your online bank account.

MFA is an important tool to protect sensitive and confidential information from being accessed by individuals other than yourself.

For a simple overview, watch this video from Get

Why is KCDSB Doing This?

The Kenora Catholic District School Board (KCDSB) is introducing MFA due to growing cybersecurity concerns over recent years in the public sector. Since almost all KCDSB data is accessed through Microsoft accounts, it is critical to enhancing security methods to help protect KCDSB information and user accounts from being compromised.

Passwords are a necessary part of staying cyber secure. But they are not failproof. Cybercriminals use sophisticated password-checking tools to compromise passwords and cause security breaches. Multi-Factor Authentication can help by making it more difficult for cybercriminals to access your device or accounts.

Using MFA will help reduce many cybersecurity threats that KCDSB faces daily.

How does MFA Affect Staff?

MFA will become mandatory for all KCDSB staff.

At this time, the sign-in process for MFA will only apply to KCDSB employees when they access Microsoft and other board applications. Once you have registered for MFA, you will be asked periodically to verify your login when accessing these services. A message will be sent to your smartphone, phone number or hardware token to which you need to respond with “Approve” or “Deny”, or with a code.

What Options Do I Have?

Staff will have the following two options:

AppDownload and use the Microsoft Authenticator App
Employees can download the Microsoft Authenticator app on their smartphone. When they sign in, they will get a notification with an ‘Approve’ button where they enter the 2-digit number given during the app sign-in process.

Next Steps: Please click this link for instructions for this option.

Multi-Factor Authentication Hardware TokenCarry a Hardware Token

You could choose to carry a hardware token. You will be prompted to enter the 6-digit number from the token. This number changes every 60 seconds, so this hardware token must always be with you if you need to access y our account. 
Next steps: Please complete a Help Desk Ticket to request a Hardware Token from IT. Click this link to complete a Help Desk Ticket.

Whichever option you choose, you must always have access to either your smartphone or your hardware token at all times.

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